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1965 Royal Pro Reverb Amp

Made in Japan, this is a beautiful example of Japanese craftsmanship and electrical engineering. The Royal Pro Reverb-Amp features many similarities to the Fender Pro Reverb-Amp that it is likely modeled after. Little is known about the Royal Musical Instrument Company or how many of these were made. Based on our research we would estimate this was manufactured sometime in late 1965. This is mainly attributed to the transitional post CBS acquisition name of "Fender Musical Instrument" branding Royal used versus the pre-CBS "Fender Electric Instruments Co." that was used.


  • Dual Channels (Normal and Vibrato)

  • Royal Reverb

  • 2-button footswitch for Reverb and Vibrato on/off

  • Cover included

Amp Historical Information:

We purchased this amp from the original owner. The original owner purchased this amp while overseas during his tour with the United States Air Force in Vietnam. The played guitar for a while and then put the amp in a closet where it stayed for a long time. To say that this amp is pristine is an understatement. This is in mint condition and plays perfectly. This amp is currently not for sale while we investigate more about its origin and historical significance. More information and photographs available upon request. 

Price: Not for sale.

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