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1991 Fender Pro Junior

The Fender Pro Junior Original offers classic Fender looks and bluesy sound with useful modern features. For years, the choice of professional musicians has been Fender vintage amplifiers because of their incredibly warm tone and dynamic performance characteristics. Unfortunately, not only are these amps getting harder to find, but, the original Pro Juniors are in great demand by guitarists and harp players alike.


  • 15 Watts into 8 Ohms

  • 2 - Fender special design 5881s power tubes

  • 2 - 12AX7 tubes

  • 1 - 10" Fender Re-issue "Blue" alnico speaker

  • Cover  included

Amp Historical Information:

We purchased this amp from its original owner. This was used in a smoke free home its entire life. This amp is in great condition. This is a popular amp and is priced accordingly. More information and photographs available upon request. 

Price: $700.00

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