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1963 Vega Model a63

The Vega Company was founded in 1881 in Boston Massachusetts by Julius Nelson, his brother Carl, and a group of associates that included John Pahn and John Swenson. Over their history, Vega produced many different musical instruments including horns, guitars, banjos, mandolins as well as tube amplifiers. 

The Vega Model a63 shows the masterful craftsmanship you would expect from a company that was manufacturing amps since the 1930's. The a63 is based on the Valco Supro Supreme Model 1600 design. Valco contracted with several companies during the 1960's and based on our research and measurement cross referencing, we believe that Vega was indeed one of the several companies Valco worked with. This amp design and others based on the same design are used in top musical studios around the world for recording stringed instruments. The smooth and silky tube sound and favorable clean high headroom and tube overdriven sounds make it a desirable amp for all genres. 


  • 17? Watts into 8 Ohms

  • 1 - vintage 5y3GT rectifier tune

  • 2 -  6973 power tubes

  • 2 - vintage 12AX7 pre-amp tubes

  • 1 - 10" Jensen speaker

  • Dual Channel inputs (Treble and Bass)

  • Grey and Black Tolex covering beaded in white with brown/black and silver grille cloth and amber jewel light

Amp Historical Information:

Purchased this from of a friend of Amp Attic. This amp is in mint condition and is completely untouched and original. This is a very rare amp - the only known example in existence and is currently not for sale. More information and photographs available upon request. We are looking for more information on Vega and this amp! If you have anything to share, please contact us!

Price: Not for Sale

Interested? Contact us now!

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